Business Model

Our Core Business is E-Mobility as a Service – E-MaaS – to professional end-users.

We will provide:

    • The recharge facilities
    • The infrastructure software management system
    • Support for a “Pay as You Go” model to enable operators to own the vehicle (wheeled or floating).

The U2K integrated strategy is to build a capillary distributed network of fast charging/swapping stations backed by advanced Renewable Energy Microgrids and Energy Storage Solutions to ease range anxiety.

A state of the art cloud based software and custom tailored apps provide advanced services and guarantee high-margin recurring revenues.

The availability of a suitable vehicle is compulsory to break the chicken and egg loop that prevents the growth of the Electric Three-Wheelers (E3W) market. For this reason, where the large players cannot help with electric solutions, we can also offer a third-party cleaner, safer, lighter Electric Tuk-Tuk with ultrafast rechargeable battery packs, solar PV roof and intelligent regenerative braking.

However, for our business to be profitable it is of paramount importance to choose the right approach. For this reason, U2K focuses on the fleets’ market and the independent professional drivers’ market, such as taxi drivers, hail drivers and logistics’ drivers, as in these segments the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of EVs is the prevalent buying factor. More in particular, in the absence of state-driven incentives, cost is the main obstacle to the expansion and wider implementation of electric mobility solutions.